I found this article, and started sharing it with the world.  This is my 6 yr old. ALL DAY LONG.
No matter what is going on, he is constantly making noise. Whether it’s beeping or moaning for no reason, to talking to the television, to the horrible baby squeaky voice that literally hurts my ears…noise. He has developed a fake laugh noise he now uses, just to make a sound, when watching TV or playing games. More of a nasal honk really than a laugh. He squeaks or moans as he eats. Seriously…noise constantly.
I always attributed this noise to his ODD. One of the parts of ODD is purposeful annoying of those around you.
This article has me wondering…could the noise be due to his early trauma? Could it be a result of the neglect he suffered before I was his mom?
I love coming upon articles that hit home, and remind me his irritating behaviors have a root in trauma. I sometimes need the reminder.
Each day isn’t always easy. But, improvements and progress have been made.
I also need to remember, he does have a traumatic past, which means a good day for him doesn’t not look like what my other kids good days look like. All kids are not created the same. Its a reminder to parent accordingly.

“Incessant Chatter” Survival Tips for Trauma Parents