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Disney World is a second home for me. Seriously. We have bought into their Disney Vacation Club; we always have a trip being planned. When we arrive, we are greeted with “welcome home!” The place always feels like comfort and peace.
To hear of a tragedy like a toddler being taken by an alligator is shocking. But, I can see how this would happen.
See, I’ve seen the signs that say no swimming. Yet, our feet have been in those waters too. Cuz, it’s hot, and the beach is beautiful. What’s the harm in walking along with our feet in the water? Apparently…there could be a lot of harm.
We have been lucky. We do know alligators live on disney property. Yet, our feet have gone in waters where they didn’t belong.
In my mind, it was rationalized…we weren’t swimming after all…just ankle deep. Clothing not getting wet. Yet, had a gator been near, this tragedy could have been my family.
We all need to listen to warnings, follow directions, not break the rules.
It’s a tragedy that could have been prevented. Disney just feels so magical, you forget that they aren’t in control of nature.
This wasn’t Disney’s fault. And, I don’t think the parents meant any harm either. Even thought they were in the water that was clearly marked…wading doesn’t seem the same as swimming. It was a horrible accident. An accident far too close to home for me.
This is a real eye opening situation, to heed the warning signs.
So sad for the family involved, the disney cast members, and any witnesses. Also, sad for the euthanized alligators, some just trying to live in a natural environment overrun by people. There are no winners here.
I do hope this doesn’t end in crazy law suits against Disney. I know them, and I am sure they are doing everything they can to comfort this family. But they cannot control nature.
Prayers for all.