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My 16 yr old daughter came home from her vacation with her dad and his wife 2 days early. She was miserable with them, begging me each day to come save her.
I had total mom guilt, since I couldn’t just hop on a plane and go to her. With 2 other kids, 3 pets and a husband who was a work, I couldn’t just leave.
She COULD though. She stuck it out for a few days. But she had become so stressed with her stepmom’s explosive behavior, she finally decided she was leaving. She asked to fly home. And she exchanged her ticket, and came home 2 days early.
I’m angry her dad didn’t stand up for her when his wife was verbally knocking her down. I’m angry his wife was so cruel. I’m angry about the whole trip.
My daughter had been so excited, and they ruined the trip. I assured her she CAN go back to New York and do things her way someday. It may not be now, but she will get back. Hopefully, with a little luck, someday she will be a staple there herself, doing broadway performances.
I honestly couldn’t be more proud that she made a decision she was afraid of. She was worried about repercussions of coming home early, but also so full of anxiety she didn’t feel she wanted to stay. She wanted me to make the choice for her, but I wouldn’t. I simply laid out her options. The choice was hers to make. And she made it. And that makes me proud.
I can’t believe soon she will be heading to college.