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We all do it. Give advice when we aren’t asked. We think it’s helpful, when really it’s rude.
Sometimes, people really ARE just trying to help. Sometimes, people are being judgmental assholes and thinking they know your children better than you do. Sometimes, it hard to decipher which one of these situations is the one you are in.
I try really hard to not be a judgmental asshole. But, human nature says I am. So, I try to keep my judgmental nature between me and my husband. I try not to give unsolicited advice, since I really hate it.
My situation with a special needs child means I get a ton of unwanted comments. Friends and family have no idea what my child is like daily. When I say my 7 yr old will pee on the floor intentionally when he is mad at me they think I’m exaggerating. Why? Because they see him on occasion, and he is charming to people who he doesn’t see daily. He can be sweet. Especially to grandparents who will give him candy when he is. Ugh. Grandparents who then live to tell me how to raise him…like they have a clue.
I’m currently struggling with judgmental people. I want to let it go. I want to be the bigger person. But I also want to tell them to shove their advice where the sun doesn’t shine.
So help me…