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My 7 yr old started vyvanse last month. I have noticed a significant increase in aggressive behavior and violent story telling.
I overheard him talking to his brother about how funny it would be if someone stabbed and killed me. He laughed at the thought of me being dead. He told his brother how funny it was. I was so upset and angry. What do you say to this?
He’s been easily angered. He always is, but tantruming had begun to occur less. And the length of these had gotten shorter. This month, it’s like old times. Daily fits of stomping and fake crying, whining noises that go on and on.
A few days ago, playing outside, my younger son was using a pair of binoculars. My 7 yr old threw a ball as hard as he could at the younger guys face, forcing the binoculars into his face and hurting him. There was no accident. He was standing close, and it was deliberate.
Yesterday, he threw the dog ball, hard solid rubber, and took my husband to the ground. We have more than an acre of property. He knows he isn’t allowed to throw the ball without asking first. He picked the ball up, and threw it toward me, my husband, and my 4 yr old. A whole acre of land, and he threw the ball at the group of people. We were all talking together, learning a new game the little one made up. He didn’t ask to throw the ball, and he AIMED it at us. He wasn’t too far away, I’d say 10 ft or so. The ball struck my husband in the eye, and he literally fell to the ground. He is not a small guy. This kid took my husband to the ground. Unbelievable.
I shutter to think if the ball had hit the back of my head, or far worse, his little brother in the face. He could have sent him to the ER, or quite honestly killed him if he hit the wrong area.
My husband is creative, and is making him wear a blindfold for a day. He explained that throwing the ball at the little guys face the other day, and now hitting him in the eye both were injuries that could cause blindness. He told him he gets to be “blind” for a day to think about the consequences.
I’ll be calling to change this prescription. I know the meds aren’t the sole cause of what he’s doing. But I do think these are not helping the situation.
Sometimes, I just wish he’d be normal. These behaviors are so hard. And he’s only 7. What will 17 look like? There is a reason I’m becoming dependent on anxiety meds. He’s just so mean.
Let’s hope we can get a different med on board.