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It’s camping weekend. But, since my puppy had recent surgery, I am not camping.
Honestly, I’m not sad. I miss my family. But I’m glad to have an excuse to not camp.
I used to love camping weekend. But, a few years ago, there was a falling out of sorts with my in-laws over my dogs…and it’s never been the same since. My husbands step mother isn’t an animal person, and doesn’t understand pets are part of the family, and loved dearly.
She is one who won’t even greet a dog in a friendly way…instead she shrinks back begging them to get away. She is not my kind of people. And considering this camping occurs at their home, I no longer feel comfortable.
I try to participate, but am relieved for the excuse not to. I went and stayed for much of the day, poor pup on a leash, cone of shame on her neck. But, she needs rest and meds, so I won’t stay late or sleep there.
I’m missing my tent cuddles, though my little guy and I do floor beds each week for the cuddles. It’s nice that he gets to cuddle with his dad these two nights.
But, to be home, with no kids, only pet feels strange.
I haven’t had this in YEARS.
I am watching documentaries and I may color a picture in my new adult swear word coloring book. I ate chips and guacamole, as well as strawberry shortcake.
But in the end, I’m really missing my family. As much as I need and deserve alone time…I just miss them.