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My sweet Shar pei pup had a second surgery today.

    Last week, she had surgery on her eyes. She has too much skin on the lids, causing the lashes to roll in, and scratch at the eyes. It can be quite painful, ND cause her vision issues. One eye had developed cloudiness already, but will heal.

    The awesome veterinarian I use called to check in, and I expressed a bit of concern over the eye that had been cloudy. It still wasn’t looking quite right, while the other looked great. He asked me to stop in so he could look.

    This happened yesterday. Today, she had the second surgery.

    The Doctor was apologetic, but explained he’d prefer to take skin slowly rather than too much at once. He wanted to redo the surgery, as the lid had begun rolling again. 

    I appreciate his cautious approach, but regret that my sweet girl had to undergo another procedure.

    She is home now, tired. I must caution the kid to leave her be. She is clearly exhausted. Her cone of shame must be worn an additional week now. This means constant supervision since it’s difficult to put on with all the extra skin she has in her neck. 

    I am crazy about this dog. We are very bonded and she makes me very happy. Seeing her with her stitches is hard. I just want her better. I hope that this heals her eye issues. Her eyes are a beautiful pale green, and I’d love for both to be visible, and not painful for her.

    Pets are family too. I love all of mine dearly.