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So, my daughter is a senior in high school,  and was asked to prom this year. Prom is a bigger deal junior year, as it is called the Junior Prom, and juniors are on prom court (last year, my daughter made court). But, seniors still attend, apparently with “rules” regarding the type of dresses they wear.

Times have sure changed. Rules for who can wear “poofy” dresses, who can wear short dresses, etc. Also, class photos before the dance, as well as the whole class eats together?! 

When I was young, you ate with your date or group of friends. As a class? This is…well, sort of nice I suppose. No competition on who ate at the most expensive place, or who had the “cheapest” date.

Class photos? Also nice. You can go as a parent, and get photos of everyone!

It is a nice show of support.

Anyway, back to dress shopping…

Last year, we got a dress the week before prom, since she couldn’t decide if she wanted to go (thankfully she did go since she was on prom court!). So, shopping was quick, and mostly on online resale sites.

This year,  we have a little more time, and she has a date other than just a group of friends. 

We went to 6 stores in one day. We drove roughly 75 miles. But, we found a dress.

Shopping started grumpy…everything I showed her being “so 20o3” or some other dismissive ugly comment. I instisted she needed to keep in mind price, since it is just worn one night, and I would only chip in $100. She insisted she didn’t care if she spent $500…it is HER money after all…

So, we both were feeling a bit frustrated, not finding anything acceptable.

I must also mention my girl is…well endowed in the chest area. I mean, her boobs are enormous. Some dresses were pretty, but on her, looked like pornography.

Finally, we found one. It covered adequately, it wasn’t poofy, it was still long, and made of a comfy material. It is something she can hang on to, and even wear to another formal event if needed. Yay! And, it cost under $100, new! 

We ended the day on a positive note, a huge parenting win.