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Blog friends! Something amazing just happened! And as I described in my last post, I have nobody to share with…so I share with you!

My husband is changing careers! He was offered the new job!

Remember how angry I was when his current job made him an offer to keep him when he had another offer. An offer they couldn’t really make without permission, and it never happened? He declined a job, and his current place couldn’t follow thru with the raise. Well, I now want to thank them for the infuriating mess…as it prompted him to apply for this new position.

The job offer is a 75% raise from his current salary! And, there is room to make 5-15,000 more each year!!

O.M.G. people!! This is HUGE!!!

This is the payoff for years of one class at a time to get his degree. The days of him secluding himself, while I wrangled kids myself, so he could get homework done while also working full-time.

I am so damn proud right now! 

Yay for good news!!