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I am wide awake. It is 1 am. I am a mom, therefore I cannot sleep in.

I just started Gilmore Girls, again, from the beginning. I am rewatching as I write.

I just finished 13 Reasons Why. Netflix, you are killing me.

I think every high school kid should watch this show. 

While my years in high school were slightly different due to no smart phones documenting every moment, the show is frighteningly good at capturing teen life.

Sadly, most can relate to some aspect or character. Were you the bully, or the bullied? The nerdy kid? The invisible kid? The jock? The kid with a fucked up home life? The rich kid? The poor kid? The girl with a reputation she didn’t deserve? Tje girl who was assaulted, but too afraid to admit it? The kid who knew, and didn’t help? The kid who used alcohol or drugs to get by?

Who were you?

I admit…I fall into more than one category. This show was a bit hard to watch. Which means it was incredibly well done. 

I am feeling so grateful my teen didn’t get hooked on the show. The fact that she isn’t binge watching makes me feel she isn’t relating. I couldn’t feel happier that she doesn’t get it…that her experience isn’t full of trauma. 

Now…to watch some Gilmore Girls, and try to relax with some humor from Lorelei (Lauren Graham is fantastic).