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My youngest son, who is biracial, was telling me that at school he cut out a “peach hand” as part of a project.

I paused. Then I said, “sounds cool.”

But, my mind was spinning questions. And then, I was wondering how much the thoughts I was having mattered. Then, I wondered if I should as HIM. 

I wondered if he got to choose his hand color. Did HE pick peach, or was that the only option? 

Does he think his hands are peach? He has a rather light complexion. 

If peach was the only offered color, did he feel any feelings about that?

I decided, since we had no time for a real discussion as we were on the short drive to school,  I would wait until the project comes home to talk about it.

I will do my best to do it casually, and see how he feels. No need to make him feel different if he doesn’t feel that way. But, if he noticed something, we should talk. Sometimes things get a bit tricky…