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My daughter recently had to paint her face and hands green for a performance. Afterward, we stopped at a gas station, and people were staring. Of course, she looked silly, and it was somewhat expected, even though we had gotten used to the green.

When we got back to the car, I asked if all the looks were making her uncomfortable. My daughter, so wise, said, “I think thos must be what black people feel like around here…being stared at.”

I heart both dropped and pounded…she was so accurate in the comparison.

We live in an area that is predominently white. And, sadly, it is an area where people will openly stare. 

We are one of the very few muliraced families. 

My daughter…at 17, made the perfect, but horrific comparison so wisely. It made me so sad, yet proud she understood. It let me know she won’t be one who stares at others. It let me know she has an understanding of what others experience. 

The fact that this still happens…the staring…is just overwhelmingly sad.