I am taking care of a cat for a girl I know. She is going through a hard time, and needs a place for her animals. 

I got the cat. Her doggy is at another home.

I have my own cat. One who prefers to be the only cat in the house. But, she os respectful when I bring in orphaned bottle feeding kittens. I was hooing she would be respectful of this grown cat too.

My girl is tiny…looks like a half grown kitten. She weighs in at barely 5 lbs (average cat is 10 lbs). She is 3 years old. 

Guest cat is easily double the size of my girl. But, this cat has been front declawed (sadly).

For many days they avoided and hissed at each other, as expected. Now, a few weeks in, they play only in the early morning and late evening. Sometimes it turns to serious fighting, but so far, no injuries and it has been controlled. During daytime hours, they are tolerant of each other.  No longer enemies, but not quite friends.

The guest however, is determined to be affectionate when we are sleeping. It will paw us, walk on us, even lick us to try to get affection while we sleep. It os so annoying, since I don’t sleep well as it is. My husband, who sleeps very soundly, is even complaining about the wake ups by this cat. 

I feel caught in a hard place. But, I won’t kick the cat out. I will just hope it gets better.