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My teen daughter has her first boyfriend. Truth is, I think he is a nice kid. The problem…he lives acrossed the ocean. He is a foreign exchange student, and he just went home.

He was gone exactly 3 days before he invited my daughter to visit him. 

Before he left, there was talk of one of them visiting next year. Then, he left and suddenly it became urgent. Young love…I remember those days.

The thing is…travel makes me anxious. The thought of my daughter leaving and traveling, alone, acrossed an ocean is a bit terrifying.

But, she is going to be 18 soon, and then I don’t have a whole lot of control in what happens. 

Plus, if I say no and they break up, guess who gets blamed? This girl (pointing to myself). 

I feel like I am a bit stuck right now. Truth is, I am happy for her for finding a guy she likes. I am glad she is finally dating. And, I have done a long distance relationship. I sympathize with the situation.

My worry is mostly just fears of injury so far away, trouble with travel, those types of things. I trust her with a boy, and think she is capable of making responsible choices. 

I will likely let her go. And, shortly after, she moves into her college dorm. 

Time to face the truth…she has grown up.