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My daughter recently started dating (thank God, I have been waiting for this!). We are a laid back, teasing sort of family. We joke about things, including saying things like, “Don’t get pregnant tonight” as she leaves for a movie or night out. We joke because we have trust. We have a good relationship, that has open communication. 

What I don’t appreciate, is other parents making comments about not letting the kids alone together because they worry my daughter will get pregnant. Wait…what?! They think it is ok to place these judgements on my child? What gives them the right to make assumptions on what she is or isn’t doing? Oh…is ot her large chest? That MUST mean she is sexually active, right? No matter how she tries to cover them up (to my dismay…be proud of your body, not ashamed)…people jidge her character.

I can make jokes…I am not being malicious or judging her. Those who aren’t me…kindly keep your comments to yourselves. You know what they say about those who assume…

At almost 18 yrs old, she has proven she is able to make good choices. Should she choose to have sex (which is not yet the case), she shouldn’t be shamed or assumed irresponsible. I am confident she will make responsible choices.

All those who aren’t so sure…worry about your own lives. STFU.