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If you follow my blog, you know animals are important to me. I try to rescue orphaned babies,  and own several pets. I am also petsitting a friend’s animal right now.

If you have followed for a while,  you might remember my middle son trying to kill my cat. His methods would not hurt her, but he he was clear that his intentions were to kill her. 

I have also had to worn him about hitting or kicking my dogs. I have been clear he could be bitten. I have also explained tje dogs could be put down (explaining this means killed) should he be bitten.

Today, again, he chased my dog trying to hit her, LAUGHING as he did so.

I reacted. I screamed and yelled. I grabbed him and carried him to his room. I told him he had to write as punishment (he jates writing). I wanted to spank his butt…but didn’t. When I was a kid, this worked for my parents. This doesn’t work for him. He doesn’t care. 

He knows what he did is wrong. He just doesn’t care. He knows the consequences, but does it anyway.

He wasn’t “unsupervised.” I was cooking in the kitchen. I heard it and was there immediately.

I don’t know what to do. Some day, he will be hurt. We will be blamed.

But, it is him…he is…mean. 

He experienced trauma. Yet…is it really an excuse? At this point, I am struggling.