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It is early morning. Sunday. Everyone is asleep…except me and middle. 

I woke to let out my dog, who had to pee early since she is on my hubby’s weekly schedule, so the fact that it is Sunday and nobody is up early doesn’t mean anything.

I am sitting in a silent house. At least, I was. 

Middle has awakened. Again, it is early. The house is silent. In an effort to wake someone so he can get out of bed, he makes noises. He squeaks, he moans, he scratches the walls. He drives me fucking nuts. He has no idea I am awake already. I can watch him on the video monitor we have. He will deny all the noise, because that is what he does.

If I were to open his door, the day is ruined. He knows his dad is home. So, he expects dad to “wake” him. If I do it, immediate anger (thanks to RAD). Truth is I don’t want to let him out. His noises have me irritated, and I won’t be nice. 

It is this way most weekends. Although, it is worse when the noises actually wake me. I can live with an early wake up from my dog to pee. I cannot deal with howling like a wolf, or repeated squeaks from a child. 

Hope your Sunday is better than mine will be!