I took my youngest to meet his best friend from school on a playdate. Sounds great, right?

Well, the other kid showed up with his mom and younger sister (cool…but wait for it…), and the sister was bald.

Now, we had seen this family last month, and little sister had hair. So…what happened.

I was really hoping to hear, “oh, I had to shave her head because she decided to cut her own hair and it was so bad this was the only option.” Because, the only other thing I could think of would be lice.

It went unmentioned for nearly an hour. I was dying. And then, finally, the mom says it…”yeah, I had to shave her head because she got lice and I couldn’t get them all after a few tries.”

Omfg. Please, feel free to cancel the playdate with my son, who has a beautiful head of curls he is finally proud of, if you are struggling with lice.

Then, “we only found one in my hair,” mom says, “so I think I am ok.” You think?? That just isn’t good enough. No mention of her son, hugging my son as we speak…

So of course I try to be polite, with a smile stretched acrossed my face. This could happen to anyone, and I get that. But why expose more people until you are CERTAIN this cycle of lice has ended?

We went home, where I promptly showered my son, scrubbing his head with a lice preventative shampoo we use regularly to prevent this situation. All the while I am itching like crazy just THINKING about the little bastards invading my hair. I literally made my head sore. Then, I shampooed too, for safety.

So far, I think we escaped without them…but still annoyed.

Please, cancel if necessary!!