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It is therapy day. The first in almost 2 mos. My husband called 3 weeks ago, begging to get an emergency session when we were considering spkitting due to middle’s pet aggression and constant tantrums…but we were told they were unavailable until this appointment.

To say I have little faith in this therapy is an understatement. I keep searching, but middle has state insurance as a secondary insurance (we do have a primary, but because they have a secondary everything gets pushed to them) few places will accept the insurance.

I feel stuck.

With little help, it is hard to move forward. Another way the system is failing those of us who adopt through foster care.

We need adequate therapy, and outlets to help us.

I have little faith that today will provide any help. I don’t believe this therapist “gets it.”

She compares my son to her “distracted” daughter who can be “challenging.”

My son has RAD. This isn’t comparable, I promise.

Wish me luck blog friends.