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I recently learned my mom had been asking my daughter to keep things from me. Specifically, I wasn’t supposed to know my brother’s wife was pregnant again.

The reason? They don’t want his ex-wife (who he shares 2 other kids with) to know about this second baby with this wife.

This means hid older kids, both teens, have been sworn to secrecy about a new sibling too.

They have been divorced over 10 years. She has been married to another guy for a long time and has 2 more kids with him. Trust me, she doesn’t care if his wife had another baby.

But, the drama that is my family dictates otherwise. Everything must include drama. And they wonder why I keep my distance?

I wouldn’t really care, except I don’t want my daughter put in a position where she is asked to keep secrets or lie to me.

While talking about it, my daughter also said my mother had told her my husband cheats on me.

Years ago, my mom tried to convince me this was true. She later admitted she made it up. She would deny it now, that she made it up. In front of other people, she will cling to her lie. But that she would include our child in this storytelling, casting doubt on our family stability?! Unacceptable.

I confronted her. She claimed she hadn’t done anything wrong. She tried a guilt trip, saying she was sorry my “favorite parent was dead.” She taught us our whole lives to hate our father, and put herself on a pedestal. So, this statement is one motivated by guilt on her part, hoping I will feel bad for her. Doesn’t work that way crazy lady. She said she was done with me because I am the dramatic one. HA!

Either way, a reminder (not that I need one) that family isn’t DNA, but is those who show you love and treat you as family.

Tired of lies and dysfunction.